Outdoor Security Barriers an infrared & microwave security barrier, are the new dual technology perimeter columns with utmost reliability and efficacy.
 It has camouflaged as a lamp post that combines aesthetics with functionality to a reliable security device. It is pre-cabled and ready for installation barrier, composed of a transmitting and a receiving unit.
 The transmitter emits a codified sequence of infrared beams and high frequency electromagnetic waves directed to the respective receiver.
 The microwave device uses planar antennas of new generation and military derivation with reduced size owing to the absence of the cumbersome parabolic antenna. The  bidirectional version with a column of 14 cm containing built-in transmitting and receiving devices enabling a 90° angle.
It also indicated for harsher environments and weather situations (low temperatures, fog, humidity, gusts of winds) thanks to the built-in automatic temperature control device and the disqualification system and sturdy aluminium structure.