TimeTop Attendance is a secure, password protected time tracking software that allows you to reduce time spent by employee monitoring personnel on nonproductive administrative task thereby improving efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

Whichever Data Collection machine or timepunch clock you choose, TimeTop Attendance for timekeeping makes it easy to collect employee time information. Time tracking Data Collection machines for time keeping will either deliver the data immediately or store the time punch information for transmission to TimeTop time tracking software at a more convenient time. Even if one has to mix Data Collection machines, you will find that TimeTop time tracking software supports your needs and your environment.
TimeTop time tracking software can collect the time information during the night or day (scheduling), and it will be ready as a time sheet in the morning or evening when you arrive. TimeTop time and attendance tracking Communications is designed and automated so that one can just set it up once and let it run on it's own from there.

 Drop down menus, time calculator, and automated reporting save time and greatly increase reporting accuracy

Multiple Methods be used to capture the Time and Attendance Data like Magnetic stripe readers, Barcode Readers, Proximity Readers, Smartcard Readers, Hand Geometry, Fingerprint and Face Recognition readers